We are a Non – Governmental Organisation in the Federal Republic of Nigeria to carry out Specialized events, activities and advocates that bring relief, aid, support and empowerment to  vulnerable target population falling within its targeted fields of work coverage.

Target Fields of Work/ Objectives:

                This Organisation looks to achieve the following Objectives:

  1. Acquire Data and every relevant Information on persons and entire bodies of the Nigeria Population fallen below the poverty line for any reason making them vulnerable and needing care ot support of any form
  2. Study the basic or barest forms of empowerments that such vulnerable persons or entire bodies of the Nigerian popualtion have already – no matter how poor or bare
  3. Determine ways of sourcing HELP, SUPPORT, ENLIVENMENT and every other relevant and more likely inputs that may lead to bringing such stated and implied vulnerable persons their much needed relief
  4. Study the entire body of Relief provision Systems world-wide to locate Donors and International Support Streams dedicated to eleviating the sufferings of Africans brought about by fighting, wars, famine, diseases and every other kind of socio-economic downturn
  5. To chart the rapidly expanding and mulitplying fields of Internally Displaced Persons Camps springing up so rapidly across Africa with the hope of wining able bodied and competent Volunteers who would man and support vulnerable peoples out of sheer personal cheer or compassion rather than any other ulterior reasons or motives
  6. To constantly interact with the Government to promote policies and action that directly brings succour to vulnerable person or groups and that provide tham security and other technical wellbeing in their dispair
  7. To design ways and means of support every effort of governments in the sourcing and provision of medical support and other forms of aid to internally diosplaced persons and vulnerable groups throughout Nigeria
  8. To source for and provide vulnerable youth and children opportunities of modest yet beneficial education so as to minimise the adverse impacts of their sad fate
  9. TO continually encourage Top Decision-makers, leaders and politicians to embrace VOLUNTEERISM as a means of ensuring they come into contact with the “otherside of life” which their decisions, policies, statements and even personaly ambitions bring about, for good reasons.
  10. TO advocate and act for kinder, more humane inclusions and also for the greater basis for considering COMPASSION within the technicalities of Legislation, Jurisprudence, Law Enforcement and Public Correction, Gender Sensitivity and every other concourse of Development and Governance roundly with the HOPE of bring a “HUMAN FACE” to Governance and Development
  11. TO advocate against EVERY instrument that promotes VIOLENCE within the Family and the larger Population or Society
  12. TO act against every tradition, culture, notion, mind-set, thought, law or understanding which LIMITS Women and the Girl-child; that minimises them and causes them to be poorer or weaker in supporting their families, or their children and their entire societies at large! Any act that limits or weakens women limits and weakens the nation and thereafter the entire world, consequently.
  13. To source for empowerments deliberately that would be granted ONLY Women and the Girl Child for the purposes of Education, Socio-economic upgrade, Industrial Empowerment, Trading and other forms of Commerce, trainings and other Capacity Acquirement or Building, etc. etc.
  14. To seek free or affordable Justice Support for disadvantaged Women or girls deliberately targeted for persecution on the grounds of religion, tribe, customs, traditions, etc. that are no longer tenable in our modern world – to provide information and act to build understanding against such trends within communities that need such help
  15. To consistently seek ways and means of influencing public legislation and other technical instruments that better and empower Women and girls within every community so as to progressively bring women and young girls more and more opportunities in politics and governance – this is a surer way of making Governance and development more pertinent to the needs of local populations because women have such trait naturally rather than men!

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