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Mr Mustafa Aslan came into the focus of GABASAWA WOMEN and CHILDREN EMPOWERMENT INITIATIVE less than two years ago when  he visited and lived in Lagos Nigeria briefly in his personal effort to bring rare educational opportunities to the less privileged youths of Nigeria in his home country, Turkey  He  was  remarkable  in  his doggedness, his incorruptible spirit and exceedingly!strong!sense!of!purpose.

Mr Mustafa Aslan demonstrated! the candour! that! convicted! many! Nigerian youths to engage in personal rediscovery 
and self  – improvement. Many of them are today back in school with a new sense.
of! purpose as implanted in them by Mr Aslan.

Since!conferring Mr MUSTAFA ASLAN with the humble ceremonial Office of INTERNATIONAL HONORARY PATRON, Mr Mustafa Aslan has become more determined to contribute his mite  to  Nigeria’s  suffering  vast  populations,  especially those adversely  affected by decade long  terrorism and insurgency in  the North Eastern  flank of the country.

Mr. MUSTAFA Aslan has since then served in identifying available relief  inputs  and  relevant  donor  organisations  across  Turkey  and  brought  them to the notice of this NGO. We highly  recommend  Mr  Mustafa Aslan  to  all  who  seek  to  contribute  their  resources  to  our  cause  in bringing hope  and  impelled relief  to  our  displaced  peoples  who  are  today  scattered  around  Nigeria’s  semi rural and urban cities where they had hoped  to find  safety.


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