The National Secretariat of GABASAWA WOMEN & CHILDREN INITIATIVE, GWCI is situated in Lagos at: 16, Bayo Oshinowo Street, behind the KOSOFE Local Government Secretariat, Ogudu Ojota.


This is the location where all major operations and plans of this Organisation take place. The National Secretariat is the Mission Command Post of the Organisation where most Trustees Meeting holdand where key Administrative Decisions are taken.

The National Secretariat is organised as follows:


  1. The Office of the Founder – Executive Director/CEO

                The Office of the Founder – Executive Sirector/CEO is the topmost Management and Adminsitrative seat. IT combines and concludes all Administrative and Management Operations and it is the highest and only Final Decision Making Position of the entire Organisation; All Heads of Divisions report to this Office as a finality and this Office exercises due responsibility over each and every other Division, Department and Office within and without the entire structure of the Oganisation.


  1. The Administrative and Finance Sub – Secretariat

The Administrative and Finance Sub-Secretariat is the confluence of all the Adminstrative diligences of this Organsiations with the power of Full Financial Audit over each and every Operation. It is headed a competent Administrator who is empowered to carry out every order or command set forth by the Founder – Executive Director/CEO to ensure that the set goals or targets thereof ar necessarily exceeded but never fallen short of! The Admin and Finance Sub – Secretariat oversees the functionalities and efficiencies of the three Main Divisions of the Organsiation and carries our all liaison functions and Networking ideals that ensure the smooth working and integration of this Organisation with all Governmental and non – Governmental sector locally nationally and international especially the obligation to the UNITED NATION ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL COUNCIL, ECOSOC and other global and Continental Development Partnership Organsiations.



The Women Affairs Division comprises the first arm of the major sub-division of the objectivesof this NGO as her name implies. The MEN WORKING WITH WOMEN (MWWW) sub – Intitiative of the GWCI – all the above are handled by this Division. IT is headed by an HOD (Head of Division) a position second in command and order to the Executive Director/CEO; advises the CEO on all of the below listed areas of focus and ensures through regular local organisational conferencing that the ED/CEO’s positions are adequately informed by current knowledge and other ready innovative inputs researched and corroborated by this Division.


The Issues peculiar to the struggles women contend with are divided into the following Six Order as desks within this division:

  1. The GENDER TENDING DESK: All Isssues pertaining to Gender Justice, Women Inclusion, Opportunities for Women in Politics and Leadership, Abatement of adverse Cultural Norms that mitigate the well being and progress of Women generally and specifically are tended to at this Desk.This Desk of handles by a Senior Desk Officer – a Volunteer with the Organisation with a reasonable academic and field background in Women Development and Advancement.
  2. The WOMEN ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT DESK: The Federal and State Governments as well as certain reasonable numbers of local and International Development Partnership Organsiations deploy elite Women Empowerment Packages that necessitate the Organisation of Women into Productive activity cells, Cooperatives, Farmer/Market Associations etc. so that they may more pertinently access such packages and better administer their respective benefits therefrom. Local women are however largely unaware of the existence of these packages and the opportunities of rapid socio-economic growth they are disposed to. This DESK works to bring AWARENESS of these opportunities to various Women’s Organisations, helps to Organise Women into their required formats targeting various packages, integrate them into the national  and States economic mainstreams and advance their courses variously as provided for them nominally.
  3. The MATERNAL HELP DESK: The issues of Maternal Aid for women especially those far removed from modernity in the rural areas are handled by this DESK. It represents such distant and therefore voiceless populations in the seat of Government by interfacing with Governments at all their various levels to promote greater Government converns, interests and their actual consequent rehabilitation of run-down Public Health Centres and local child-bearing centres in the remote villages. This DESK exposes Government Officials to the true State of public Health Infrastructure with regards tpo Women’s Maternal Objectives either through advocacies that compel Government Officials to Visit physically or where visits are not likely compel them to view current Photographic evidences of the State of such facilities.

Furthermore, this DESK advises all of the ED/CEO’s positions according providing her every Fact and Figure required to more impactfully demonstrate the overall objectives of this Organsiation

  1. The SOCIAL RECOVERY/ADULT EDUCATION DESK: Often increasing numbers of  women are admitted to rehabilitation from abusive marriages marred by irreconcilable domestic voilence and other factors from which women, especially young women mostly married off against their wish, require gradual and adequately supervised RECOVERY. Such Recovery as may be designed for them comprise Psychological rebuilding of their Self Confidence and other social characteristics because quite often some of such women are largely suicidal already! The SOCIAL RECOVERY/ADULT EDUCATION DESK works with and on Women with such specially needs. Adult Education and other productive Skills Acquisition Centres are continually set upwith articulated local supports in areas with a reasonable number of needy women and these centres are run by competent youth who are qualified and motivated to comeinto this Organisation as volunteers. The Women are gradually recovered from their usually near suicidal states and progressed through applicable skills comprising abilities to manufacture various domestic products of reasonable economic worth that they may commence a local petty trade in and which could lend them some economic sustainability in the mid and long term. Others are trained to join clusters of existing productive activities close to their palces of residence from which they earn regular incomes and thereby grow progressively within the local communities.
  2. The DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ABATEMENT DESK: This DESK specialises in the modalities of mitigating domestic violence especially the sort that victimises women and their innocent and defenceless children! It is largely for the cultural and other demands of this special task that the GWCI operates the MWWW sub-initiative. The approach by which women – no matter that they operate or work with NGOs, tend to address men who are already in condenmantion of women who are already violent abusers of women is worrisome and deepens the problem rather than help the situation. It takes the moral positioning of other men, – other more elightened more educated and more respected men to intervene in manner that violent abusers more certainly appreciate! This is one of the functions that MWWW ubndertake. Other than this, the other causes of domenstic violence hing on poverty, supermacy crisis, lovelessness, suspicion and gossip as well as amyriad of other factors – most of which are treatable through therapy, counselling and other forms of psychological or medical means.      

The Children Affairs Division of the GWCI is as specialised in administering her Objectives for the following targets:

  2. Child Safety and Physical Protection Desk


The GIRL – CHILD SUPPORT DESK:             The entirety of the above listed modalities of solving the problems facing women today merely address current trends and are as such remedial in nature. They are even more succinctly put, merely “medicine after the deed” – in other word,  they are merely reactive. The GIRL – CHILD SUPPORT DESK is the GWCI’s specialised model forward looking instrument – one that purposes to work at the very foundations of the destinies of women – so that developed and advanced adequately right from infancy and childhood, women may be better advantaged in later life to more competently contribute they quota to advancement of their nuclear families and the larger society in turn thereafter. The GIRL CHILD SUPPORT DESK tackles issues such as late or low Girl Child Enrolment in School, Protection asnd Security of Girl – Children at Schools and within neighbourhoods, affordable and Qualitative Early child-hood education for all children, advancement of non-academic extracurricula activities that train children in certain life skills and survival modalities from such tender age, etc. It is the determination of the GWCI to pursue every form of available support syustems to procure and distribute educational aids FREELY to school children – such educational aid may include School bags, Lunch Packs, School Uniforms, Free Transportation, FREE Security at Schools manned by Youth Volunteers and others.

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