About Us

the Corporate Affairs Commission in the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2012. It was the culmination of
the many years of Mrs Doris YAro, its founder’s compassionate charitable endeavours. This Initiative was
also designed to mark the starting point of Mrs Doris Yaro’s determined focus to relieve the unnecessary
trauma that the carnage unleashed on her native land, North Eastern Nigeria, brought to the hundreds
of thousands of her kins-folks many more of whom have continually been displaced from their ancestral
homes where they possessed some socio-economic footholds previously.

Meaning of Name:
The name GABASAWA derives from the hausa term GABAS which is “EAST”
This refers to the Eastern part of Nigeria where the Hausa language is spoken roundly even though most
of the indegnious people speak their other native languages within their immediate communities.
GABASAWA further means PEOPLE OF THE EAST as the full meaning of the term.This is consistent with
HAUSAWA – which means similarly, “people of the Hausa Language”in line with the syntax of the local

This Organisational nomenclature is therefore seen as pertinent and applicable to Mrs Doris P. Yaro’s
determination to bring succour to the PEOPLE OF THE EAST where she, herself hails from – similarly to
her determination to bring relief to Nigeria as a whole – which is similarly the land of her birth and as it
is said, “Charity begins at home” – hence, “0GABSAWA”

The entire organisation is most usually referred to as GABASAWA within the devement and governance
work field in Nigeria.

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